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The backbone of every business online should be organic ranking on Google.
SEO (search engine optimization) is the term that local marketing agencies use to define the work that goes in to increasing the odds that Google will display a link to your website for the keywords that relate to your business. Although I am not an agency (anymore), SEO is an important part of what I teach and what I do. 

This free report is exactly where I start for every one of my clients and now you can get a custom copy for your business, 100% free. 

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Good luck and happy ranking! 

PS: Please allow me a business day or two to respond. I create and send every report manually. 

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Who is Jannis?

If titles are your thing, you can call me a Local PR Specialist and Business Growth Consultant. In a nutshell, I help local businesses make more money by helping them increase the results from their advertising efforts. I have been working with local businesses since 2006 when I opened a web design company that quickly grew to a full service marketing agency. In 2017, I moved my focus to a more specialized approach so I could create custom solutions for businesses that are investing in advertising to grow their business. I help my clients develop new advertising programs or maximize the results they're getting from the advertising programs already have in place. 

In addition to one on one work,  am available for group training and keynote speech opportunities. 

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