Audit, Analyze & Amplify

audit, analyze and amplify - consulting and training for business growth

To get where you are going, you first have to understand where you are.

A3 is a hands on 4 month program designed to guide you through an assessment of the current condition of your business marketing presence, evaluate its effectiveness and move you measurably forward toward your identified business growth goals. 

This program is perfect for the business owner/manager that is prepared to take their business growth goals to fruition and recognizes that the assistance of a growth consultant will pave the way to clarifying and accomplishing those goals. It is also ideal for marketing personnel charged with the task of reaching business growth goals through strategic marketing activity. 


 The A3 program consists of the following components:

  • Initial Professional Positioning Audit of your business
  • Weekly Assignment
  • Process Guides
  • Customizable Worksheets
  • Accountability Partner
  • Weekly 30/30 webinar meetup with the group (30 minute weekly assignment discussion+30 minute Q&A)
  • Turn Key Promotional Campaign
  • Resources and Tools
  • Development of a Custom Resource Guide
  • PostProgram Professional Positioning Audit of your business

 The Components of the Program:

Audit: After the initial professional positioning audit of your business, you will learn how to assess your own web presence and overall marketing position yourself on an ongoing basis including your website, branding, social media, print advertising, networking activities, joint ventures, etc.

Analyze: Through assignment, instruction and group collaboration you will learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of your current business growth strategies and implement long term strategies for measuring the effectiveness of your efforts ongoing. This may include analysis of traffic, engagement and results using metrics, analytics, survey and observation. 

Amplify: The most exciting part of the program, we will create and implement techniques, campaigns and assets that build on the exisiting foundation to return measurable results that move your business toward its determined goals. 

 Program Cost:

Pre and Post Audit - $250 (one time fee)

4 Month Program - $97 per month

A discount is available for participants that choose to make a one time payment. 

There is currently a waiting list for the A3 program. If you would like to learn more about A3 or would like to join the waiting list, please contact Jannis